20-er Haus



20er Haus

A two-stage competition for the renovation and reuse of the “20er Haus” (Twentieth House) was carried out in 2003. The structure had originally been built by architect Karl Schwanzer (1918-1975) as a floating pavilion for the 1958 Brussels World Fair.

The Brussels World Fair pavilion was disassembled and reassembled in a modified form in Vienna in 1962.

After more than 40 years of use, a two-stage competition for the renovation and reuse of the 20er Haus was announced in 2003.

Wolfgang Tschapeller’s office proposed locating all new functions at the perimeter of the garden, to the outside, along a new garden wall with varying thickness and mass – on external ground.

The intention was that the pavilion’s ground floor and the pavilion itself should float once again.


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"Framework structure" for the 20th century pavilion by Karl Schwanzer. All new functions are strung along a garden wall resembling a pedestal and located partially below ground level. The garden wall is part corridor, part space.  
"Rahmenkonstruktion" für den Pavillion des 20. Jahrhunderts von Karl Schwanzer. Alle neuen Funktionen werden in einer sockelartigen, teilweise unter Niveau liegenden Gartenmauer aufgefädelt. Die Gartenmauer ist teilweise Gang, teilweise Raum.