House of Photography



In 2003, a globally leading manufacturer of image formation and editing equipment in the province of Alto Adige, Northern Italy, invited architects to participate in a competition for a House of Photography. The project was to include technical demonstration rooms, exhibition rooms to document the history of photography, and a future laboratory for imagery research. It was to be situated on one of those sites in the valley where the large lines of supra-regional infrastructure - motorway, railway and federal road - are pushed to the edge of the valley, cutting into the foot of the rising slopes.

The format developed, a zone of approximately 25m by 25m by 25m, is constructed as a sort of associative conglomerate of the supra-regional elements that pass by the site more or less incidentally: tunnel, federal road, railway lines, long ridges, guide rails. It is a construct which, similar to photography, operates on the basis of constructed memories.


Mitarbeiter | Collaborator
Mitarbeiter | Collaborator

Rendering | Rendering
Drawings 11/1
House of Photography Zeichnungen drawing_1
Cube - erosion  
Würfel / Erosion  
Models 43/4
House of Photography Modelle 00a_view_a2
Technical demonstration rooms, exhibition spaces, laboratories for imagery research, large projection surface of the laboratories for imagery research  
Vorführräume, Ausstellungsräume, Laboratorien für Bildforschung, große Projektionsfläche der Laboratorien für Bildforschung.  
House of Photography Modelle view_a_site_view
Landscape perforated by supra-regional infrastrucure, cubic volume perforated by functional requirements  
Von überregionalen Verkehrslinien perforierte Landschaft / kubisches Volumen von funktionellen Anforderungen perforiert.  
House of Photography Modelle view_b0
Elevation of the laboratories for imagery research. The laboratories are nested into the large projection surface.  
Ansicht der Forschungslaboratorien für Bildkunst. Die Laboratorien sind in die große Projektionsfläche eingenistet.  
House of Photography Modelle view_c0
Technical demonstration rooms below, exhibition spaces above  
Technische Demonstrationsräume unten, Ausstellungsräume oben.  
Site 11/1
House of Photography Bauplatz site
1 House of Photography, 2 existing factory, 3 federal road, 4 train, 5 north-south highway  
1 Haus der Bildkunst, 2 Bestehendes Werk, 3 Bundesstrasse, 4 Eisenbahn, 5 Autobahn Nord-Süd.