Med Campus

Graz, Austria



A two-stage competition for the Med Campus in Graz was held in 2009/2010. The task was to concentrate the hitherto widespread facilities of the Medical University near the Provincial Hospital. The project provided for lecture halls, seminar rooms, laboratories, research facilities and administrative offices. It comprised a gross floor area of about 100,000 square meters structured in a volume of approximately 300,000 cubic meters.

The building site was situated at a critical juncture between the city and the beginning (and at the same time disappearing) landscape. Volumes, spaces and paths were sculpted out of the legible remains of the landscape. Two robust groups of elements were set in a fragmented building landscape:
_Towers raised from the area of the embankment
_A high, curved space 325 meters long and 30 meters high, bounded by two flanks of the same height

The design seeked to perpetuate the fragile, tapering space of the valley in the buildings.


Mitarbeiter | Collaborator
Mitarbeiter | Collaborator
Mitarbeiter | Collaborator
Mitarbeiter | Collaborator
Mitarbeiter | Collaborator
Mitarbeiter | Collaborator
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Mitarbeiter | Collaborator

Christoph Heinekamp
Laborplanung | Laboratory planning
Peter Bauer
Statik | Structural Engineering
Josef Gamperl
Haustechnik | Building services
Gerhard Düh, Architekt
Brandschutz | Fire safety
Fassadenplanung | Facade planning
Klaus Pokorny
Lichtplanung | Lighting Design
Andreas Käfer, Martin Pflegerl
Verkehrsplanung | Traffic planning
Armin Hess
Renderings und Bildbearbeitung | Renderings and digital imaging
Basics 11/1
Med Campus Grundlagen diagrammdesign003_bach
Stiftingbach creek  
Med Campus Grundlagen diagrammdesign001
Expansion of the embankment of Stiftingbach creek  
Ausdehnen der Uferböschung des Stiftingbaches  
Med Campus Grundlagen diagrammdesign002
Volumes raised from the embankment of Stiftingbach creek  
Hochziehen von Volumen aus der Uferzone des Stiftingbaches  
Med Campus Grundlagen diagrammdesign004
The disappearing trough of Stiftingbach creek is offset by a constructed (trough) space 325 meters long and 30 meters high. It is an attempt to translate the spatial qualities of a disappearing landscape into buildings.  
Dem verschwindenden Talraum des Stiftingbachs wird ein konstruierter 325m langer und 30m hoher (Tal-)Raum gegenübergestellt. Es ist der Versuch, die räumlichen Qualitäten einer verschwindenden Landschaft in Gebäude zu überschreiben.  
Med Campus Grundlagen diagrammdesign007
Horizontal + vertical network of paths  
Horizontales + vertikales Wegenetz  
Med Campus Grundlagen diagrammdesign008
Path network + green boxes  
Wegenetz + Green Boxes  
Med Campus Grundlagen diagrammdesign005
New Medical University Graz  
Neue Medizinische Universität Graz  
Plans 22/2
Med Campus Pläne x1_1000_lageplan
Site plan  
Med Campus Pläne 1_500_e_23
Level -2, urban level  
Ebene -2, Stadtebene  
Med Campus Pläne 1_500_e_11
Level -1  
Ebene -1  
Med Campus Pläne 1_500_campus0
Level 0, campus level  
Ebene 0, Campusebene  
Med Campus Pläne 1_500_e_13
Level +1  
Ebene +1  
Med Campus Pläne 1_500_e_24
Level +2  
Ebene +2  
Med Campus Pläne 1_500_e_33
Level +3  
Ebene +3  
Med Campus Pläne 1_500_e_41
Level +4  
Ebene +4  
Med Campus Pläne 1_5000_schwarzplan_auf_grau
Structural plan  
Elevations 43/4
Med Campus Ansicht ret_acnordwest06
Northwest elevation  
Ansicht Nordwest  
Med Campus Ansicht ret_acwest
West elevation  
Ansicht West  
Med Campus Ansicht acost02
East elevation  
Ansicht Ost  
Med Campus Ansicht acsued04a
South elevation  
Ansicht Süd  
Med Campus Ansicht acnord05a
North elevation  
Ansicht Nord  
Med Campus Ansicht acost
East elevation, tower  
Anischt Ost Turm  
Views 53/5
Med Campus Ansichten c06fvar02faintpeople0
Med Campus Ansichten cnord02b_crop0
The administrative facilities to the right and the research facilities to the left are linked by bridges; paths run through and over buildings.  
Verwaltung rechts + Forschung links werden über Brücken verbunden, Wege führen durch und über Gebäude.  
Med Campus Ansichten cnord020
Med Campus Ansichten innen060
The campus of the new Medical University in Graz is an interior space with a north-to-west length of approx. 325 meters and a height of 30 meters. It includes lecture halls, an auditorium, study areas and the access points to all departments and research facilities.  
Der Campus der neuen Medizinischen Universität Graz ist ein Innenraum mit einer Nordwestausdehnung von ca. 325 Metern und einer Höhe von 30 Metern. Er enthält Hörsäle, Aula, Lernbereiche und die Zugänge zu allen Instituten und Forschungseinrichtungen.  
Med Campus Ansichten innen06_crop20
The streets of the city and the paths of the Medical University run at very different altitudes. They are connected in the air space of the campus.  
Die Wege der Stadt und die Wege der Medizinischen Universität haben stark verschiedene Höhenlagen. Sie werden im Luftraum des Campus miteinander verknüpft.  
Med Campus Ansichten innen06_crop10
Paths are connected in the air space of the campus  
Wegverknüpfungen im Luftraum des Campus  
Med Campus Ansichten cost01_retouch_ausschnitt0
Access to the campus from the east-west axis  
Zugang zu Campus von Ost-West-Achse  
Med Campus Ansichten cost01_retouch0
Lecture hall towers and seminar rooms in front, eastern view  
Hörsaaltürme und vorgelagerte Seminargruppen, Ostansicht